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Real Estate Attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina,


Buying and selling real estate involves large, complex transactions. The Law Office of B. Elizabeth Todd provides legal counsel for buyers and sellers who are facing conflict in any aspect of real estate. From quiet titles to breach of contracts, we can help you handle any hurdles you may come across in a favorable way that meets all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Our real estate legal services include:

Quiet Title

An action to quiet title is a lawsuit filed to establish true ownership of real estate property or land. Such disputes may occur when there is some question regarding the title, such as claims by a lienholder or uncertainty about the boundary. It’s called a “quiet” title as the lawsuit “quiets” any challenges to the title.

Establishing who the proper owner of a title is provides peace of mind that the title will remain free of claims that could potentially be made against the property later on. Bunnie Todd offers representation in real property ownership disputes, including quiet title lawsuits.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes may occur when neighbors disagree where a shared property line ends, or when one party claims that they own the other party’s land through adverse possession. Boundary disputes often end in litigation and therefore require an experienced real estate attorney.

Bunnie Todd is highly familiar with different types of boundary disputes and adverse possession claims. In some instances, property surveys done at the time of purchase may reflect the proper boundary lines. If a survey does not resolve the dispute, a proper owner may file a quiet title lawsuit to determine the boundary lines.

Breach of Contract

A contract of sale contains many terms and conditions that must be followed by both parties involved. If a buyer or seller fails to comply with the conditions of sale contained in the contract, the party is considered to have breached on the agreement. A legal claim can then be made against the breaching party.

Entering a real estate contract can result in unforeseen liabilities. Allow our seasoned, real estate attorney, Bunnie Todd, to work on your behalf if a dispute should arise to ensure that you’re treated fairly and in accordance with real estate laws. Contact our office today to see how our firm can help you with your legal matters.

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