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Construction Defect Attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina,

No one anticipates a problem during construction but when they occur, the results can be financially devastating. Construction defects typically include any type of deficiency in the design, inspection, supervision, construction of a new home or building, or a property that has been recently renovated. These defects are not only expensive to fix, but can also affect the integrity of the structure and cause other problems down the road, such as water penetration, mold, and similar issues. Don’t deal with such damages on your own. Our experienced construction defect attorney can help you determine who is responsible for the damages and how to recover from your losses.

Design Defects

While the majority of architects and engineers design structures up to code, some use shortcuts which can result in defects. Roofing defects are one such deficiency that can cause major problems inside and outside your home. From poor drainage and intrusion to water penetration and inadequate structural support, a roof that is not up to code can be dangerous and costly to fix.

Material Deficiencies

In some instances, it’s not the design of the structure but the materials used that’s the problem. Inferior building materials can cause significant issues, such as leaky windows, poor airflow, and moisture issues. The Law Office of B. Elizabeth Todd can help you determine if the materials used are the cause for the defect and how to best handle this type of defect.

Building Defects

Poor quality workmanship can cause numerous defects that can affect nearly every component in the home. From inadequate plumbing and electrical to cracks in the foundation and pest infestations, poor construction can leave you with repair bills piling up. It takes a skilled construction defect attorney to determine if the deficiency was a result of the construction or from another source.

Is shifting soil wreaking havoc on your home’s foundation? Is your new home infested with mold due to moisture issues? Whether the damage is caused by poor workmanship, defective building supplies, or construction defects, contact Bunnie Todd to get you the compensation you deserve for construction defects that are not your fault. Call us today for a consultation and to discuss your claim.

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