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Business Litigation Attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina,

Business disputes can have a major impact on your company’s operation and overall success. When these disputes cannot be solved through negotiation, a business litigation attorney is often needed. The Law Office of B. Elizabeth Todd offers strategic advocacy for individuals and companies involved in complex business disputes such as breach of contract, fraud claims, partnership disputes, commercial torts, and unfair competition claims. To help ensure a favorable resolution, Bunnie Todd provides businesses with a realistic outlook to help them make informed decisions about how to proceed with their case.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can have devastating effects on your business. While most are caused by simple misunderstandings, these disputes can have costly consequences if not properly dealt with. Our business litigation attorney can help you handle breach of contract claims and find a solution that satisfies all parties to avoid ongoing conflict.

Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

Disputes between partners and shareholders happen. Our firm represent clients in LLP, LLC, and corporate disputes and work hard to resolve conflict quickly and effectively.  The Law Office of B. Elizabeth Todd can help hold the other party accountable for breach of duty, misconduct, or other issues that arise.

Premises Liability Disputes

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, you’re always at risk for premises liability claims. If someone becomes seriously injured on your property, they may look to the property owner to pay for their medical bills and other losses. If the person is injured by a criminal act, the victim could also decide to sue the property owner or business. Bunnie Todd has vast experience handling premises liability claims and will take the best course of action while looking out for your best interests.

Employment Matters

The Law Office of B. Elizabeth Todd handles employment matters from wrongful termination to non-compete agreements. Our business litigation attorney will review your case to determine where you stand and in which ways federal and state laws protect you as a business owner. Our law firm will negotiate on your behalf to work towards a positive resolution.

If you’re facing a business dispute, don’t wait to seek legal assistance. We understand how to help businesses control costs and properly mitigate risks in complex business litigation. Contact The Law Office of B. Elizabeth Todd today to schedule a consultation with our experienced business litigation attorney.

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